Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more pics

i got some new photos of my hand and cast. i'll post them here with just a few comments, since it's hard to type left-handed...

the crowd in the examination room - there's no such thing as privacy here.

here's my friend who taught the doctor how to make a proper splint. she has a bachelors degree.

the re-wrapping: 2 friends and 2 teachers from the school accompanied me to the hospital. in addition to the 4 of them and the 3 onlookers in this picture, there were several other patients and patients' family members watching from the door. so, if you include me, the doctor and the nurse, there were 15 or so people present for this event...

the doctor tied the new splint on with cheap gauze.

the next day, my friend re-wrapped it with this fun black spongy tape. now it looks like a real cast, even though it isn't.

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