Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday/Baby Shower combo


Uncle Q said...

Yeah, Audrey--you're laughing NOW---and Larry: You really started something long ago when you dedided to ask Louise for a date---
(Just kiddin', love to ALL, Q & B.)

Uncle Q said...

Ezra, I believe you initiated this Cournoyer Connection--right? Bless you, and thanks! It has become such a delightful way to stay in touch. I want to encourage everyone to get in there and contribute, comment and stay connected. Where and when, in history, has such a facility existed for a family?? We are a delightful clan ! ! Uncle q.

Audrey said...

Hope you all had a nice Easter in NC. We may have had more people at the table for the Easter ham, but you have us beat with the flowers. It dropped into the twenties that night. If I were a flower, I wouldn't come out either.

Thanks for the kind comments, Uncle Q.