Monday, June 1, 2009

Plants and Pizza

First, cutting down the big (15 foot tall? 5-6 diameter at base) spruce that was getting too big for its britches. No easy task with a hatchet and hand saw.

The blank spot.

Lunch at the diner after picking out a mountain laurel (portrait by Jason Azze).

Andy in his new home.

More plants: perennial/shrub seedlings on table, smaller laurels (mountain and sheep) and lowbush blueberries on deck (center right), basil and parsley (foreground). All but the herbs will eventually go on the hillside (background), once I can tell where the true blank spots are.

Homemade pizza.


Uncle Q said...

You guys got a HAND SAW?? We always had to just chip at it with a hammer and chisel, until we gotter cut down.....

Audrey said...

Good work! With the plants AND the pizza.

Audrey said...

And what perennials did you seed?

Memere said...

Like I told Audrey, it's evident that you have a farm background. You're the flora and Audre is the fauna. Is "Andy" the Laurel? You should have called it "Stan".

Niki said...

We named it after the guy who sold it to us. He was a scrawny guy, but lifted it into the car like it was nothing. It was like 100 pounds.

We seeded a bunch of stuff, but lost a lot of it (lack of germination or transplant shock, mostly). The most successful thing seems to be American Ipecac/Indian Physic. I'm hoping some of the St. John's Wort makes it, too (that's a small shrub).