Sunday, June 10, 2018


If it weren't for the photo on the top, we wouldn't have known he was still alive. It still took a week to catch him after we saw that photo. Bottom photo: safe and sound. He's become a very friendly/clingy cat, which overall is a nice change (he let me handle him to remove ticks!). However, he may be becoming a bit possessive of us. The two girls, who got along with him fine before, aren't all that pleased with his return. We're hoping the hissing will settle down soon. 

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Uncle Q said...

Thanks, kiddos, for sharing this Noah story; we empathize = commiserate = understand your concerns & worries & retrieval efforts completely. We're SO GLAD that you have him back home; he's a lucky cat! the girls' hissing + might be due to the different smells he brings with himself. Our Mickey cat is an "inney/outey" and when she comes in the kittens Mitzy & Mercy need to sniff her all around. Cats have tremendous sniffing options. Keep up the good work. B&Q with much love and admiration for you both.