Sunday, September 28, 2014

September in New Hampshire



August Bridge Dinner

Just getting around to posting these. Shelburne Falls, MA.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Denizens of Merry Meeting Woods

From the game camera in our "back yard."


Mr. Fox

Young Buck

A Pelican?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Late Summer in the Adirondacks

Owning "smart" phones has changed the way we take pictures and catalog them. We have been delinquent in updating here and in our other online album because of the change. Alas, I snagged these photos from my phone. Just a snippet of what we've been up to in the Adirondacks this summer. We spent a few days camping on Lower Saranac Lake at a site we reserved over the winter. It was the coolest week of the summer, during the middle of August, getting down into the high 30s one night. We went for leisurely canoe trips during the day and relaxed at our boat-access-only camp site the rest of the time.
The kids and I did a lot of lake swimming this summer. Sometimes at public beaches like this one on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid - sometimes at quieter swimming spots. Summer is short around here, so we try to dip into that cool water whenever we can.
Asa and Ezra at the top of Mount Baker, a small mountain in Saranac Lake. Both kids did this hike without any carrying! (Except a short while after Asa scraped his knee on the way down because it was getting dark). They were motivated little hikers this time, Asa saying as he took the lead, "I'm a mountain runner!"
Ida with her new haircut at McKenzie Pond. Asa had trimmed off a chunk of hair a couple days before, which made it time for her first real haircut. By the pond, we found some special things including a red eft and a pair of dragonfly wings.
I found Asa up in his favorite cedar tree with a little saw and hammer and wearing his safety goggles.