Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Return from Walkabout

Noah decided to go exploring out a window that blew open while we were away. He was seen running across the road on the morning of Friday, May 18, after being spooked by the contractors working on our house. Many ground and tree searches, calling/not calling strategies, bait trials, trap and camera placements, and hours of sleep deprivation, frustration, and worry later, we finally have him back (albeit hiding in the basement). A combination of things likely led to his return, but technology (and persistence) played a large role. After nearly 12 days, at 1:30am on Wednesday, May 30, he walked into the basement through the greenhouse. We were monitoring via a live feed camera and successfully closed the door behind him. This, after him having entered the basement at 10:30pm, 3 hours earlier, but bolting back out before we could get the door closed. We are very much looking forward to resocializing him (gradually) as well as finally getting a good night's sleep.

Friday, May 4, 2018