Friday, September 22, 2017

Almost Fall

Seems to be a good year for asters. They are flourishing along our wood line.

This 2-ft diameter basswood snapped about 20 feet up a couple of weeks ago. In the foreground is the half of the double-tree we had cut down a few years ago. The part sticking up in the background is what just fell. The tree put out a full canopy this year, complete with fruit (nuts), but the interior of the tree was completely punky (seemingly right up to the bark). Hard to believe the vascular system was still that active. That's a tough organism. If it isn't too shady, there could be lots of seedlings down the hill (where the top of the tree landed) resulting from its final impressive reproductive effort. To the left, there are multiple root sprouts coming out of the base of the tree as well. I cut them back substantially last fall, when they were 4-6 feet high. Plants are pretty darn amazing.