Saturday, April 5, 2008

Her Royal Flyness

Step 1: Choose Swath

Step 2: Cut lots off

Step 3: Snippity Snip, Snippity Snip

Wait a day and snip more

You've seen the haircut, now hear the song that inspired it!! (The video is lame, but the song is great.) You just need to listen to the words: Bangs, by They Might Be Giants

Some of my favorite lines:
**"Blow my mind Your Royal Flyness, I dig your bangs."
**"Bangs are like a pocket t-shirt,
as casual as that while fully intentional"
**"And although I like you anyway, check out your haircut.
a proscenium to stage a face that needs no make-up."

(I looked up proscenium: The stage of an ancient theater, located between the background and the orchestra.)

As a testament to the power of bangs, a story follows:

There's this local kid I've known for 2 years - he's a friend's cousin and moved to the city about the same time I did. The night of the bangs cutting, we were at a birthday party. I kept catching this kid staring at me. He kept telling people how great my bangs looked, or how great I looked with bangs. Later on, some other guy came over and introduced himself to me.

Bangs are that on which the world hangs...

And we'll close with a family snapshot, with new bangs...


cpollsen said...

lainey. you're hot.

Niki said...

Looking good! Makes me wish I had bangs...but curly bangs aren't as cool.

Audrey said...

Wouldn't the world be wonderful if we all lived according to They Might Be Giants songs?

Oh bangs... Do you have a curling iron?