Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Commenter

You may notice a comment from a random person on Audie's latest picture of the goats and duck. See, what had happened was....

I stayed in a youth hostel in the big city a few weeks ago. Those places almost always have book exchange shelves - you leave a book, take a book. I saw my favorite Vonnegut book, Bluebeard, on the shelf, and read about half of it in one sitting. There was an inscription in ball point pen, telling me to visit a blog and comment there where I found the book and a little about myself. I obeyed. The blog is cool, the people seem neat. Linked to the blog the inscription sent me to is a sister blog they keep up - it's all about food they've eaten in their travels around SE Asia. They rate it on a scale of 5 forks (instead of 5 stars) and their observations and comments are insightful and humorous.

Anyway, they must have clicked on my name, which must have sent them to the Cournoyer Connection. Pretty neat.

I've had tummy-trouble (or boo-boo belly as my 2 year old New Zealand friend used to say) for about a week. Nothing serious, but it's not taking care of itself. Kitty is doing much better these days - her scars are huge, but no more infection. Who ever heard of a cat needing to be spayed twice?

To close, a photo. I call it, "Man Picking Nose with Baby on Back"


Jason Azze said...

That nose ain't gonna pick itself.

Uncle Q said...

Confucius say he who chops own wood is twice warm
He who picks own nose knows nose.
Confucius was always a bit confused.