Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Casting Director

As promised, my Athletic Training friend - a.k.a MacGyver - helped me with my broken hand problem. She fashioned a new cast out of cardboard from a yogurt box and various medical tapes and wraps. This cast is about 4 pounds lighter than the old one and it actually stays in place! And, its small enough that I was finally able to take that borrowed Savannah t-shirt off and take a bath!

Its good to have friends with skillzz.


Uncle Q said...

Elaine, I don't know why you went to all this trouble, when acupuncture could have taken care of it quickly!!

Uncle Q said...

We're very happy that you are enjoying this fracture so much! You look great! And happy! What else can we wish for you? Do we know how this accident happened? Enjoying my profession as professor, I have trouble remembering things . . . Did the guy survive? Aunt BcH