Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allegheny Forest

We went up to the Allegheny Forest a couple weekends ago for one last camping trip before such an activity becomes too cumbersome for me. It's beautiful up there. We hiked about 12 miles total, and I managed to get enough sleep in the tent despite some difficulty getting comfortable. Per Mum's request, I've included a few shots of my belly. It's even bigger now.

Putting on my pack. Ezra carried the bigger bag, but technically, I probably was carrying more weight. I guess mine was more balanced though.


We stopped for lunch at a spot overlooking the Allegheny Reservoir.

A historic bridge that blew down in a tornado several years ago.

A local guy offered to take our picture.

Muus really loves the baby sling a friend's mother made for us. I could hear her purring from across the room.


Uncle Q said...

Top Picture: If I were to put on a backpack, I would look like that. :(

You folks are great! How that Jr.Schwartzberg will love those pictures some day!

Memere said...

I left a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't go through. You are definitely fat...I mean you look great. I was wondering who the almost-clean-shaven guy you were with was. (I can never decide whether I like Ez better with or without the beard.) It's nice to be versatile.

Niki said...

Muus is half marsupial, after all.

Uncle Q said...

Double-click that Muus, to get a real awareness of her complacence. Did she go hiking?