Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh, Solar Mio !

After about 60 years of cultivation, our garden substrate is harboring organisms, both micro and macro, that prevent healthy crops. We are especially discouraged about tomatoes. A local (very local) plant pathologist has suggested (stated) that solarization should be introduced to improve the situation. (If ya can't stand the heat, stay outa the gahden !) That process is under way. Further, you might note a level of international activity in the project, in case some germenes patologicos extranjeros have snuck in. We'll see. If this doesn't work, we may convert to topsy-turvy tomatoes and ornamentals.


Uncle Q said...

(The 60 years includes the decades when the former owner gardened the same spot.)

Audrey said...

Is that just clear plastic?

Uncle Q said...

The plastic is actually some 6 mil clear greenhouse film that was left over from history. An inexpensive 4-mil one season film would serve just as well.