Saturday, August 29, 2015

Apple Danish Pastry made from our apples


Uncle Q said...

Oh, that looks good ! Cold you send one (or maybe two) by UPS Overnight express? (If not I'll try to understand.)

Uncle Q said...

That's could, not cold. Acceptable either way.

Uncle Q said...

The lower picture prompts me to enter a little verse that came to mind one day long ago when Blanche and I were hiking in the hills of NC and came upon an abandoned apple orchard, with scrubby apples lying around in the grass:

When times are good, the apples fall, and scatter on the ground, and you can have a feast on all the good things that you've found.
And should a rotten apple drop, it's best to let it lie, for lots of better apples will be falling, by and by.
When times are bad, the trees are bare, and struggle though you will, the good things all stay out of reach, and leave you wanting, still.
So, gather up good apples, and keep them safe and dry, and when the bad times come around they'll help to get you by ! A day or two of good times, if polished now and then, are joyful to remember when the bad times come again !
And isn't it a blessing that the bad times seem to flee, while good times, bright and rosy, just grow ripe in memory !