Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Campers

Here are a few photos from our recent overnight hike with Asa along the Allegheny Front Trail in the Moshannon State Forest. He loved it!

First time trying out this backpack. Served us well, and baby enjoyed the new vantage point. Thanks Aunt G and Uncle G!

Very interested in the preparation of couscous and black bean supper. He liked eating it too. And we all ate oatmeal for breakfast.

Exploring the tent. Really, this was the best place to put him while we set up camp. With his new ability to crawl and his tendency to put everything in his mouth, we can't keep our eyes off of him for a second.

Mama rinsed cloth diapers in the stream and hung them to dry while Papa filtered drinking water. We then hung them on our packs until they were completely dry. Our first time doing this as we're trying to keep our loads light. After all, the baby keeps getting heavier!


Uncle Q said...

Oh, this is a wonderful report---wonderful thought. Thanks for some new and delightful reporting. Did A. sleep well in the woods??

Uncle Q said...

Did you collect the drinking water for filtering before or after you rinsed the diapers? Or, better yet, did you move upstream?

Audrey said...

Good question Uncle Q. We did think of the diaper/drinking water problem. And timing was an issue too. Knowing it takes awhile to filter water, I wanted wash the diapers first and give them time to air out before strapping them to our packs. I washed downstream from the bridge - Ezra filtered upstream. Asa just took a nap.