Monday, May 31, 2010

Hepcat Lounge and Chili Cookoff--Memorial Day Weekend

A field report from Nicole and Jason.

Every Memorial Day weekend we attend a themed picnic hosted by our friend, Jon. It's a full day of food, fun, and the occasional adult beverage. Earlier themes include Magnum Tiki (as in Magnum P.I.), Pirate Party, Redneck Party, and Zombie Bash. This year was the Hepcat Lounge and Chili Cookoff. Themed attire is always a big hit. Nicole spent a lot of time picking out a dress and figuring out how to put a 50s-style curl in her bangs. I think she came out looking nifty. I bought a hat a Walmart.

Jon is a friendly guy, especially after a mug or two of Beatnik Booze.

Our friend, Bryan, conducted a "Man Test" in which participants had to eat a Scotch Bonnet pepper that had been soaked in tequila for a few days and then drink a shot of the pepper-infused liquor. Nicole and I skipped the test because we had not studied.

After dark, the tiki torches are lit and the bonfire is set ablaze.


Uncle Q said...

Who are you people, really?? And, what have you done with Nicole and Jason ??!!

Memere said...

Looks like you had a great time. We're just glad that you hadn't studied because the "test" might have left you under the table. Did you try the pepper?

Niki said...

The people who did it said that the peppers weren't that bad...that all the heat ended up in the tequila. There were a lot of red faces and teary eyes after they drank the shot. We weren't going anywhere NEAR that stuff. We did sample some of the chilis (soups), though. Some were hot, but nothing crazy.

Uncle Q said...

Well, after approx., 3 centuries, I'm finally learning how to post to this valuable C.C. I'll enjoy participating as I've always enjoyed your posts! QcH will get me my own access . . . Meanwhile, let me tell you that my jaw dropped way-low-way-down when I saw your Hepcat Lounge pics., totally by mistake at that particular moment because I meant to "mash" (southern for "hit") the search key but I mashed the C.C. icon. I couldn't make up my mind as to whether or not Nikki looked beautiful and/or if I were looking at a '50s version of me! You both done good! bch