Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camera, Couches, and Cats

Jason bought me a nifty new camera, so I'm back in action!

Here are some photos of our new couches (old couches in background). The Girl likes to sit on the top of the back pillows (she IS a princess), which is why we have a brown blanket up there.


Uncle Q said...

HOORAYYYY! Welcome back! Thank you, Jason! We miss you guys! AND we're glad that you (finally (:-) have new couches. Here, we just had ours recovered after 32 years but Mickey still insists on scratching regardless of the spray stuff that we obviously have to apply more often. Do more! xxx bch

Memere said...

The room looks very cozy as is witnessed by the felines. The new sofas are very pretty.

Uncle Q said...

My other comment was actually from Blanche. What I want to say is that the new sofas really look GREAT! Very handsome!