Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After 25 miles of cycling this morning, we arrived in Carmelo, Uruguay. We had camped last night, and hit the road early to beat the heat. It´s been hotter than we expected, and hotter than what the guidebooks said, so we´re having to adjust our travel plans accordingly.

It´s been an interesting trip so far. We´re enjoying the rural landscapes. Modest rural homes. Surprisingly old cars - even some from the 40s and 50s. Lots of people on mopeds and motorcycles, which makes us feel more welcome on the road with our bicycles. Lots of cows, and some sheep. New and interesting wild birds, including the loud-mouthed Monk Parakeet (which Niki will be studying in CT).

Fred is getting used to his bike, and we are all getting stronger. But I think Asa likes this trip best. He likes riding in his little bike buggy, and is eager to get into it again after long rests. He pedels his hands to tell us he´s ready to hit the road again.

We´re not 100% sure where we´re heading next. We´re planning our routes according to road size and conditions, as well as distance between towns. As we get to more remote parts of the country, towns are small and far apart - maybe too much to do under the circumstances. But we are flexible with our plans, so we will work things out as we go. In the meantime, we´re soaking up the summer and taking advantage of opportunities to eat ice cream! -Audrey

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Uncle Q said...

Send us a picture (if you can) of Asa in his "bike buggy"..