Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Shoveling process.

These top two photos are later on as the snow is stopping. Bottom two are from the early morning.

Bottom photo shows 2 storms of accumulation (and it is still snowing). Snow is thigh high.


Memere said...

Wow!!! I had to enlarge the shot of the mailbox to figure out what it is. That's some snowfall!

Shulammite said...

Funny story: Amherst has a parking ban, so I can't park my car on the street overnight. So I have to move the car every night from the street to the Amherst Parking Garage, and then in the morning back to the street. Well, I parked it overnight in the Garage, and in the morning decided to leave it there and risk getting a ticket. In the evening I returned to find that I had no ticket, because the meter-maids didn't work on the snow day. So I didn't even have to scrape my windshield, let alone shovel my car out! Ha!

And we didn't even have as much snow as you! Ha!

Ohhh. My lands!

Uncle Q said...

That storm hit us too!! We had an inch of snow and 1/8 inch of ice, and all the schools shut down. Blanche didn't have to drive to work. You're not alone in your misery !!